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At Fair Media Solutions, we feel the best form of communication is live interaction. That is why we offer a Free 24 hour tech support line to personally assist you with any questions or problems you may have. You can call us at 1-800-980-5578 any time you feel necessary.
Website News
Site Update                      
FairJudge  adds the ability to handle Word .doc & .docx files, in addition to photo, video, sound, & pdf files.

Site Update                      
FairJudge  adds features to E-blast entry tags and judge comments based on judging results.
FairJudge integrates seamlessly with ShoWorks allowing exhibitors to upload media directly from Online Entries and allowing fairs to download instant judging results back to ShoWorks.
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Sample Fair
To gain access to our sample fair with full program functionality for Photo, Art, and Multimedia judging ...
"FairJudge executes the time-consuming administrative tasks of our juried art programs by adding significant efficiencies to the entire process. We find ourselves asking how we ever accomplished entries without it!"
  - Deborah Hochbein, Ohio State Fair
Why FairJudge?
Eliminates Enables
physical handling of large volumes
of photos & videos.
exhibitors to upload pictures, videos, music, documents, & pdf's.
handwritten judging forms. all judging to be done online.
manual data entry. real-time judging results online.
manual data sorting. judging to be done from any location online.
Treating Clients Well
Fair Media Solutions prides itself on treating its clients with the respect that they deserve. We see that our primary goal is to keep our clients happy.
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